Supply of petroleum products

The Erebu Commercial Petrochemicals Branch has the potential to supply crude and petroleum products and petrochemicals from the Islamic Republic of Iran (the Islamic Republic of Iran is the fourth largest oil reserves in the world and also the world's largest gas reserves holder).

And the Republic of Iraq, and Russia, as well as some Middle Eastern countries.

So, submit your application in writing (LOA), along with the company's resume and providing financial ability of the buyer company (BCL), from the registration area.

Providing petroleum and petrochemical and polymer products from all refineries and active petrochemical companies in accordance with international standards and annual contracts with series are among the activities of the Export Department of the Petrochemicals of the Erebu Commercial Company.

You can submit your application as an application for a petrochemical company and formally send it through our contact section or the application form for Erebu Petrochemical Department.

If you request a product with a special analysis, you can submit your request along with the requested analysis; we will guide you in providing it.

All contracts are made by Erebu Trading Team in cooperation with the companies of the consortium in their supplier countries and offices in those countries.