Our partners

Company Name: Granum Gary
Activities: exports of semi-precious stones and minerals from Iran
Office: Iran, Tehran.
Website: www.geranum.ir
Company Name: Robin Pars International Trade
Fields provider of products exported and imported from Australia
Office: Australia, New South Wales.
Website: www.ubiquityinternationaltrading.com
Company Name: Trading Company Petromayn
Field of activity: construction materials and metals and oil derivatives
Office: Iran, Isfahan.
Name: Department of Commerce Maham
Field of activity: Services customs clearance
Office: Iran, Tehran
Company Name: Kimia Beimeh Trading Co.
Field of activity: Internal Business of Iran and External Relations
Head office: Iran, Esfahan
Website: www.kimiabehineh.com
Company Name: East Sky Shining Star Trading Co. Ltd.
Field of activity: International Business Consulting
Headquarters: China, Gauvo.
Company name: z asia, africa marketing consulting. Co.ltd
Field of activity: Asia-Pacific trade advice with China
Headquarters: China, Zhongshan
Company name: Kylla Group
Domains: financial solutions
Headquarters: The Netherlands, Amsterdam