Export of Iron and Steel

One of the commercial sectors of Erebu is in a special way is to export iron and steel and their artifacts from the Islamic Republic of Iran.

The economy of the Islamic Republic of Iran is a combined economy consisting of the export and import of petroleum and non-oil products.

Iran has a large market with the potential of any export and import to all parts of the world, the bulk of this market belongs to non-oil products, including iron and steel, as well as their artifacts, which are highly endorsed and demanded by world markets.

After the export of oil, the largest demand spectrum from Iran is steel products.

Please send your request for iron and steel from Iran, along with your resume, through the application registration section of the Erebu Export Department.

Also, if you need specific analysis, you can submit your request along with the requested analysis.

On request, visit to Iran's steel complexes are also possible, submit your application by e-mail or the website registration section.

Erebu Trading will provide you with the best analysis and quality by establishing direct contacts with the managers of Iran's steel complexes through its office in Iran; all of these contracts will be submitted by the Erebu Commercial Office in Iran, in cooperation with the complexes agreed by the group.