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Erebu International Trading Company situated in Batomi (southwest of Georgia) is the second largest city and the most important city port of Georgia with the registration No. 445521882.

In the international trading of Erebu, a team of professional trade groups in Georgia and elsewhere in the world has come together to create a professional and committed business; honest business based on internationally contracted and international laws observing all the principles of a professional trade.

The commercial aim of Erebu is the international trade and beyond the borders of Georgia. Therefore, signing contracts of Joint Venturer (JV) with various collections inside and outside of Georgia, Erebu is trying to optimize the trade and make centralized commercial contracts and international contracts (including Bidding, Financing, Franchise, Complementary, R & D), this has been shaped by the experience and resumes of the versatile merchants in the commercial Erebu.

The activities of this complex are import and export, and its main activity is in the fields of petrochemicals and steel and supply of all related products from supplier countries, including the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Republic of Iraq and the Russian Federation.

Also, the attraction of funds for petrochemical and steel projects from companies willing to invest or participate in related international projects are among other commercial services of Airbus.

We welcome your warm presence and we are proud to be with you in the business and a good and livelier memory for you.

Erebu International Commercial Company


About Georgia

Georgia is a country in Eurasia Caucasus region.

This country is located on the border with Western Asia and Eastern Europe, from the west by the Black Sea, from the north to Russia, from the south with Turkey and Armenia, and from the south-east with Azerbaijan.

The capital and its largest city is Tbilisi

Georgia's total area is 69700 square meters (26,911 million square meters), and its population in 2016 was about 3.72 million.

Georgia is a centralized republic, semi-presidential, and its government is elected through proxy democracy.

Georgia is one of the countries on both continents of Europe and Asia, and one of the goals of the Tbilisi political authorities of the Georgian capital is the EU and NATO membership; Georgia is currently a member of the observer in the European Union and NATO, and cooperates a lot with these two organizations. It should be noted that all Georgian laws are like EU laws.

The indigenous people of Georgia are Georgian Orthodox Christians and follow the Georgian Orthodox Church

Georgians speak Georgian, the official language of Georgia, written in the Georgian alphabet, one of the fourteen alphabets in the world. Georgian is one of the oldest countries having one of the richest cultures.

Georgia is bordered on the east by Republic of Azerbaijan with a length of 374.4 km

The two major routes of Georgia's connection to the east being the Caspian Sea and Iran pass from this point (land and railways). In addition, the Baku-Supsa oil pipeline crosses this border.

In the south, Georgia is bordered by Azerbaijan, Armenia and Turkey from east to west, respectively.

The length of the border line between Georgia and Armenia is 216.7 km and with Turkey is 256.1 km

In the west, the Georgian border reaches the Black Sea, with a coastline of 315 km,